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Pico Alto™ is an innovative Canadian company based in Gatineau, Quebec built on the concept of sustainable development.

Pico Alto™ imports, packages and distributes Organic Coffee beans that are grown by local farmers in the mountains of the Copan region of Honduras.

Pico Alto™ is dedicated to supporting growth of the coffee industry with local small businesses in countries of Central America.

Pico Alto™ works with the Honduran Copan Region Farmers Cooperative who ensure growth and harvest of high altitude, quality organic coffee beans. With this project, 131 families are benefiting directly and 400 families indirectly. Pico Alto™ is committed to maintaining a clean environment for employees, coordinating and organizing cleaning campaigns within each production batch.

As part of our waste reduction initiatives, Pico Alto™ has developed packagings to be fully recyclable and/or compostable. Pico Alto™ also offers a variety of reusable coffee accessories designed for outdoor activities and people on the go.

We at Pico Alto™ firmly believe that as important as economic development is, environmental implications must always be considered. At Pico Alto™, we believe that any simple gesture can raise environmental consciousness and help provide a healthy planet for present and future generations.


Pico Alto™ is proud to be the first to introduce to Canada, the Japanese method of “pour-over”. A unique Asian method to compliment preparation of our fresh, flavourful and aromatic mountain coffee.


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